Working with the Lunch Box

Firstly a very warm welcome to The Lunch Box.

The trade name The Lunch Box is associated with uniformly high standards of service and quality. This reputation has been built over many years.

On starting your employment we will provide you with a minimum of 4 days on site initial training, ensuring that you are fully conversant with all aspects needed to start working as a team member. You will then go on to train for your Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

When you start your employment, you will be introduced to your Area Supervisor and your Unit Supervisor, who both will be able to support you through each stage of your employment. Your Area supervisor will monitor your progress and arrange on-going training and refresher training as and when needed. Your Area Supervisor will visit you on a regular basis to service your kiosk with necessary supplies and generally be on hand to offer help and advice. Your Area Supervisor will also carry out inspections on your kiosk to ensure you are maintaining the high standards in all matters connected to the business. Your Unit Supervisor is responsible for the day to day running of the Kiosk and is whom you are immediately answerable to. Once your training is complete, in time, you will be able to pass this information down to other members of staff, passing on your knowledge and experience to the next generation of employees.

You can also rely us to ensure that all other kiosks are keeping to the same high standards we expect from you. The public sees The Lunch Box as company with uniformity in its operating procedures. It is therefore essential that all kiosks and staff maintain the same high level of service. You will therefore understand that we need to strictly enforce our high standards. If the public see just one kiosk operating below standard they would naturally expect all the kiosks to be of the same standard and take their custom elsewhere. We must always remember that our customers have a choice where they eat.

Each Kiosk operates with its own individual team and it is the responsibility of the team to ensure that the kiosk is open during its published opening times. Therefore it is expected that each team member is prepared to cover each other in times of sickness and holiday. We have a compressive bonus scheme for our employees and each team member earns a percentage of the profit that their kiosk earns.

We are open 7 days per week 52 weeks per year. We only close on Christmas day,
Boxing day, New Years day and Easter Sunday.

All staff

Good Luck with your Application